The Pedagogical Forum, was established sixteen years ago, by  Vera Milankovic, pedagogue, pianist and composer, full professor at the Faculty of Music, University of Arts, Belgrade - Serbia. 

This Forum gathers educators involved in teaching various subjects in the filed of performing arts (music and drama) both theory and practice. So far, participants come from varied institutions faculties, research institutes, academies, music schools: from Serbia (Belgrade, Nis, Kragujevac, Smederevo, Kraljevo, Sremska Kamenica, Sremska Mitrovica, Kosovska Mitrovica, Raska, Novi Sad); neighboring countries (BH Federation, Republic of Srpska, Montenegro and Croatia) and further abroad (Spain, Gemany, Lithuania, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, USA, United Kingdom). 

The choice of topics has so far been wide - ranging. In some cases, one topic would remain for a few successive meetings:

1. The quality and varieties of solfege training at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade

2. The song as a vehicle of communication

3. Singing as means of understanding music

4. The influence of genre to the process of music apprehension

5. Aesthetic, psycho physical  and cognitive preparedness for performance 

6. Motion in music and in other performing arts

7. From reception to interpretation

8. Playing (dance, game, performing) basis for performance  

9. Sociological aspects of performing arts, pedagogy and interpretation

After each meting Faculty of music issues a Proceedings. Since 2010,  the Forum has been licensed by the Institute for the Advancement in Education as a seminar for teachers in elementary and secondary schools. This Forum basic aim is to involve pedagogues who cover the whole line of artistic training from kindergarten to university level. In so doing, a continuity of performing arts is scurried. It also levels Serbian and world wide pedagogy. A particular concern has been devoted to those pedagogues who exercise performing arts by teaching only. The participation of teachers working with the disabled and handicapped as well as children who need special care and education add to the importance of the Pedagogical Forum.

The papers submitted demonstrate different aspects of teaching performing art skills, such as: social, psychological, physiological, cognitive, philosophic and historic. They are either theoretic or empiric and practical. As far as their presentation is concerned, they appear as: spoken papers or workshops.  

So far Pedagogical forum was hosted over on hundred speakers. The Proceedings contain over two hundred and fifty items. Each year, there are other activities to follow: concerts, book reviews and theater performances.