The Society named Serbian Forum Research in Music Education SFRME came out of the longtime activity of the Pedagogical Forum of Performing Arts. Its aims are research, monitoring and evaluation problems in music and artistic education. Its full attention is dedicated toward improving and affirmation Serbian pedagogical practice in arts, in the country and abroad, as well as its interaction with the international flows. The Society tends to cherish permanent values in arts and to valuate education as a science: to inform members about music and artistic education through certain meetings, publications and counselling, in order to promote the main goals of the Society. 

SFRME organized its firts symposium Music - movement - dance in February 2013 in the Dancing studio Mladost in Belgrade. The symposium was accredited by the Institute for the Advancement in Education in Belgrade. The participants were music and solfeggio teachers in general and music schools in Serbia. The program of symposium follows: Movement and sound in contemporary dance (N. Mosusova), Coreography of Serbain folk dances (B. Kesic), Movement and dance in the contemporary classroom (M. Paunovic), Pantomime – a creative psychomotor development (M. Stojanovic), How to set compositions for the piano and childrens' choir (V. Souc), Musical Games (M. Petrovic and V. Milankovic), Acting-singing-dancing integration (A. Ferovic), Priniples of Thai Chi technique in performing arts (D. Slaveski, V. Milankovic), Vibration platform machine for cerebral palsy persons (M. Kastratovic), Music and movement in children with autistic spectrum disorder (K. Mirkovic), Dalkroze's Eurhythmics – the versatile method in music education (A. Galikowska-Gajewska), Movement in solfeggio: phonomimic (S. Kazic). 

SFRME is the coorganizer of the 17th Pedagogical Forum of Performing Arts, which is going to be held at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (12-14 December 2014). 

Vera Milankovic (London, 1953), composer, pianist and pedagogist, born in the well-known Serbian family of scientist, university professors, diplomats and writers. Her professional coming-in the music she owes to the eminent educator Miroslava Lili Petrovic. Milankovic has graduated from the Piano Department at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (professor D. Trbojevic, 1975), and from the Department for composition (professor S. Rajicic, 1976). She continued her postgraduation in London, at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (1978) and with the public performance of the Sonata for violine and cello she has completed her studies with a great success. She has also completed MA in solfeggio (1979) and composition (1980) at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. She defensed of the habilitation thesis in the field of the methods of solfeggio (1983). Since 1976, she has been teaching solfeggio at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. As the notable educator and head of the solfeggio Department (1996-2007), she founded the Pedagogical Forum in 1998, which is the annual meeting of music and other artistic educators in the whole verticale system of education. Together with Marina Markovic (Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade) she has been a coordinator of a specialistic course in Musical at the Rectorate of the University of Arts in Belgrade (2003). Since 2009, she is the head of the Music education study programm. In 2008, she was invited as a guest lecturer at the Montgomery College in Washington and Cornell University in USA. As the composer and pianist, she was a partner of the childrens' choir "Kolibri" (1983-2007), and since 1988, she organized the authors concerts together with the prominent soloists. Vera Milankovic's opus consists of vocal, instrumental and symphonic compositions, which are performing in the country and abroad with significant success. She participates at national and international symposiums and conferences: ESCOM (European Society for Cognitive Sciences of Music), ICMPC (International Conference of Music Perception and Cognition), SRPME (Society for Research in Perception of Music and Education), CIM (Conference of Interdisciplinary Musicology), ISME (International Society for Music Education). Her main field of interests are music perception and its impact in music education. She received several awards: The golden Beocug from the Cultural and Education Association of Belgrade (2007), “Musica classica” for the applied music and her music drama "Milankovic" at Madlenianum Theatre (2013). She is the member of the Serbian Composer Society, Serbian Music Educators Society, Editorial Board of "Vuk's Ednowment", Cultural and Education Association of Belgrade, Rotary club Zemun.

Milena Petrovic (1974) completed the general and music education in Belgrade. She enrolled at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, where she graduated from the Musicology Department in 1991. She took the MA at the Department for solfeggio and music education at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (2002), specialization in Musical at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade (2004) and PhD within the field of music education (2010). She is currently the postdoctoral student at the Institute of Education in London (supervisors E. Himonides and G. Welch). Since 2000, she has been teaching solfeggio at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade and since 2009 she is a music teacher at the International Chartwell School in Belgrade. Her book "The role of accent in the Serbian Lied" has been published in 2014. She is the author and coauthor of more than 56 articles in the country and abroad (Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies, International Aspects of Music Education). She actively participates in national (Pedagogical Forum of Performing Arts Belgrade, Balkan Art Forum Nis, Serbian language, literature, arts, Kragujevac) and international scientific conferences (Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology, International Conference of Music Perception and Cognition, International Symposium on Performance Science, European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music, Changing Face of Music Education, International conference Vlado S. Milosevic: ethnomusicologist, composer, educator, Banja Luka, International symposium Music in Society Sarajevo). Her scientific and education experiences in the field of music education, music perception, musiclinguistic, zoomusicology and musical, she presents in the country and the world (Germany, Italy, Esthonia, Poland, Great Britain, USA, Bosnia and Hercegovinia, Croatia, The Republic of Serbia, Greece, Austria). She is the member of EAS (European Association for Music in Schools), SEMPRE (Society for Education, Music and Psychology Research), ISME (International Society for Music Education). She is the president of Serbian Forum Research in Music Education SFRME, which main aim is to organize professional and scientific meetings, seminars and conferences.

Gordana Acic (1956), psychologist and music educator. Graduated from the Music Theory Department at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (1977) and from the Psychology Department at the Faculty of Phylosophy (1981). Since 1982, she is permanently employed as the psychologist at the Music school "dr Vojislav Vuckovic" in Belgrade. At the same school she has been teaching the piano and solfeggio for music beginners, where the music preschool she has devided into the music kindergarten and preparatory stage, by the programm and according to the age facilities. She also introduced psychologic tests at the entrance examination in both elementary and music high school. 

Her main fields of interest are the students stagefright, principles of teaching individualization in music school. motivation and students personality, psychomotoric in teaching music. In 1986, she enrolled the MA at the Department for Pedagogic Psychology at the Faculty of Phylosophy in Belgrade. She was the assistant at the project of the Institute of psychology (1995-2002) named "Factors for music efficacy", under the supervision of professor K. Rados. She participates at the annual Pedagogic Forum of Performing Arts as the lecturer and coorganizer. Since 2003, she became the consultant for psychologic problems in teaching in the daily news "Blic". In 2007, she started the cooperation with the Faculty of Special Education and Rehabilitation in Belgrade, on the research of making a music education programm for special schools. She is the coauthor of the programm for music beginners, which is currently implementing in music schools. She is the author and coauthor of more than 30 articles in the national and international journals and publications.